Two kids were playing in the park. they found a very big gate leading to a forest. Be warned it says on a wooden board. A mysterious silhouette pulled us through the gate the scream’s echoed through the night. “were are we” said Mason “don’t know” said Jeff . walking almost for two¬† hours not knowing we’er we are. we have found a cabin in the middle of the forest. i knocked on the door.

this person let’s us in it looked nice in their she is nice

“thank you”said mason “no stay” they were never seen again.

3 thoughts on “THE PARK

  1. Hi Samuel, there is a lot of good ideas here. Curious children ignoring common sense to explore a gate – but then they are pulled in by a mysterious silhouette! I wonder what the silhouette looked like – was it a person, or was it a creature? Is the silhouette the person who owns the cabin, where the children go and are then never seen again, or is it someone who works for her? How did the children know that she person who owned the cabin was nice – could you have used a different adjective there, to produce a stronger impression of her character?

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