It is  a little raccoon that lives in a roof of a house.He likes it up their because the little trash panda can jump in a bin to eat scraps. He needs to be very very careful the people who lives their hate raccoons. One rather rainy day in the bin. then the people are zooming down the driveway. He tried to jump out but he slipped and fell back in the bin. He was in a cage for hours. two kids are throwing a ball in side one of them missed then hit the cage it broke open he scampered away and  jumped in a box and hide.

One thought on “raccoon

  1. Hi Samuel,

    What a lucky escape for that cheeky little raccoon! You did a great job of describing the raccoon’s daily challenge of getting into the bin without getting in trouble with the people in the house!

    Well done! I am looking forward to your next piece!


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