one Monday I was going to baseball. On the side of the road I saw a glove. I pulled over and got it, the brand of the glove was rawlings. Once I got to the field we ran and warmed up then we got to throwing. I got the glove out and started throwing, some how I was better I was. We stopped throwing the ball and went to hitting the ball, I was up I hit the ball over the fence when I was done had to field the ball. But I couldn’t find it “where did it go?” I shouted. I never found it again. 

One thought on “the glove

  1. Hi Samuel, I like the piece you wrote. The story is very coherent. The background image is related to the theme, but it makes your text kind of less recognizable. Anyway, well done! Maybe next time you can try a more appropriate picture as your background! Keep writing!

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